Eve Online Manchester UK Meet

Hi all

Following on from Spacetramp Drago’s post about UK meets, I’m pleased to be able to tell you that were seriously looking into reviving the old Manchester UK meet. I had the pleasure of attending the very first one which was a great success. In past years others have put the event on but sadly no longer contactable as i found out a good few years back. So who would be interested?

I will contact CCP soon for some feedback or perhaps some assistance. Dates and venue to be decided in the coming few months. Also i have created a basic Discord server which your welcome to join. Link below.

EvE Manchester UK Updated Discord Link

Fly Dangerously o7

o7 Sounds great I attended one was excellent. Id be inerested!

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Never been to one. Depends, where are you thinkin’, FanBoy3?

Principle is fabulous! I await scheduling details. Look forward to it. :grinning:

We have a venue in mind and the team are working to secure it. Will update as soon as we know.

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