UK meet ups

Are there still any meets in the UK?

There used to be Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham which were great, but it all seems to have stopped, unless anyone knows differently?

I’m from Manchester, if any are going I’ll be up for it. If there is a big crowed for it, could organised something.

I have been talking about bringing EvE Manchester back for a number of years, i was at the first one and met a lifetime friend. Only tonight I’ve been discussing it, do you mind me hijacking your thread to see if there is some interest?

I could do Eve Manchester (UK). Sounds interesting :grinning:

Go for it mate.

I was at the first one too, wasn’t it up Deansgate way?

I was at the first one too at the slug and lettuce on deansgate. Perhaps i can sort an in game channel out. There will be zero politics in the channel which im sure we can handle :slightly_smiling_face:

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in game channel: EvE Manchester UK
all welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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New Discord link EvE Manchester UK

I used to arrange quite a few in the Newcastle area, then the local player count seemed to drop so I stopped. I’d be up for starting to arrange these again if there’s interest for it.

Wasn’t anything special, it was a case of turn up, have a few beers and see where we ended up.

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I went to a couple or three in Newcastle in the place near the Wetherspoons across from the train station (ish).

Good chance that was one of the ones I organised. It was a popular starting point! Usually ended up in Legends later on in the night!

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I would be nice if one was closer to London, so I could go, as Manchester, Newcastle, is to far for me… But all that is going Have a good time

This meet I believe is still running but you’ll have to get hold of one of the organisers to check.

Every meet all over the country and fanfest have always been good fun.

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