Gross Encounters of the Bee Hind

We are a PVP/PVE Corp that is based in Amarr LS.

We are proud members of the No Forks Given Alliance.

Alliance Z Killboard

We are a group of mature active EVE players that like to chill and do most everything in EVE.

REAL LIFE comes first here always!

We specialize in making ISK many different ways and using the ISK to blow ships up for FUN!

Activities include:

✪ Daily Content Available
✪ Black Ops and Hunting
✪ Various content from Capital hot drops to Assault Frigate Roams
✪ Experienced Alliance FCs
✪ We can help teach you to make ISK so you can fly the blingy ships
✪ Merc Work
✪ NPSI fleets

What we are looking for

✓ Wants to PVP & make ISK!
✓ All Time Zones
✓ Discord & Teamspeak 3
✓ Full ESI/SEAT registration


Several new members recruited today!

Come join us in Low Sec.


We have added several new members into LS this past week. If you are interested in PVP/PVE in LS, please reach out to us!


Another new member joined today! Looking for PVP, making ISK and living the pirate life - give us a shout!


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