Gross Encounters of the Bee Hind recruiting


We are proud members of No Forks Given.

We live in Low Sec space. We are not part of any politics, NS SOV warfare and prefer to spend our time doing whatever we want, when we want while respecting real life time constraints.

We are a mature group, experienced in both PVP and PVE and can teach pilots how to compound their ISK. We have plenty of moons available from R4 to R64, tons of gas huffing and love to dive into wormholes.

If you are looking for a great place to learn PVP with regular content and/or do your industry ISK making stuff look no further.

We use Teamspeak3 / Discord for communications.

We are looking for pilots that want to be part of an inclusive community.

Seat/ESI will be required.

Glad to answer any questions in game, please message me!

Fly Safe!

Still actively recruiting!


bump! Still recruiting.

Bump, added a few new recruits this week! Omega only.


Still actively recruiting!

Added several members this weekend! Cheers - GOLDI

Another group of members joined us last night!

Still recruiting! Membership has grown by over 20% since the summer.




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