[GSF] Country House seeking for Active PVP/PVE/Industry players

Country House is a member corp in Goonswarm Federation. We have an open community for both veteran and new comers. we are a multi-culture corp with member from all over the world.

About US:

  • tax rate: 10%
  • multi-culture with different language speaking
  • location: Delve ( PVP and PVE in all delve)


  • NO SPY/AWOX/Shooting Blue
  • Skill level: ALL (minimum 3M SP)
  • require full account API (no character on blacklist of Goonswarm Federation)
  • 3 PAP per month per person (you can have 100 character as far as you register on same forum name, you only need 3 PAP) (even training count as PAP…)
  • in current corp state. new player is very very hard to survive(due to resources). if you are new join. please consider a more newbie friendly corp
  • active player. if you AFK more than 2 month you got kicked.

We offer:

  • free newbie ships/skill book for basic PVP and scavenging
  • outstanding web tools to help you manager your characters and industry
  • Alliance SRP for fleet up ship lost
  • Alliance courier 24H express delivery service from all trading station to Delve
  • 24H Alliance capital protection service (as far as you have cyno)

Extra Info:

  • we use jabber and mumble as tools
  • we have a corp FC: no Alcohol no EVE

In Game mail: Silvana Cadelanne , SNIPER722 Amarr
OR read the corp description

Capsuler see you in game !
fly safe !

What does that mean?

our FC love drinking. most of time he is drunk

He sounds very skilled and not at all a poor person to leave in charge of all your in space assets. Carry on good sir :parrotmustache:


this is a daily bump. WE still seeking for players who want to join!

Hi, i play a little in the past but biomassed in a rage quit tired of high sec. Thinking in return (character was restored), and wanna create a new account for the bonus skill points.

Do u guys have Any preference in race ? My idea is create a new account, alpha the time needed to mining upgrades, industry and mining IV, and then upgrade to omega with the new character.

Interested in mining , using destroyers and some Planetary Interactions.

You are welcome here for sure!

we are seeking industry people for corp too.

no race preference currently.

Great !

I seek u tomorrow sunday. Need think in what to do with the account. Disclaimer, i plan to create the account new and training this char a little for free before transfer to the new account (can train two chars if move later )

Have a nice weekend, and see u tomorrow.

cool see you in weekend!

also, daily bump

we are still seeking for players !

Only for say i am lily montgomery new account and go to apply with you tomorrow when i finish the NPE experience.


thank you for interesting in us

we wait you here

fly safe

we still recruiting. newbie friendly !

daily bump, we are recruiting ! please apply with your Full-API attached.

this is a daily bump

daily bump Here we go

still recruiting ! we seeking players to join us

recruit still open. we have huge reward for player join us and do alliance ops

daily bump. we are recuiting :stuck_out_tongue:

daily bump. we are recuiting :stuck_out_tongue: