Country House (GOONS) 2023 Recruiting


Who are we?

We are a small group active within the Imperium. Since joining Goonswarm Federatio in 2017, we have undergone several transformations and challenges. Currently, we have about 10 active members in +8 TZ (mostly Chinese but we could talk in English), with diverse gaming styles. We encourage members to pursue their interests and enjoy the game within their own capabilities. Now we are seeking for players around all TZ, trying to find us some bigger contact chance.

What can we offer?

-PVE activities under any friendly sovereignty (including Blood Raider and Sansha NPCs). Corp tax set at 10% and LP tax at 5%.

-Comprehensive SIG, allowing you to join various content groups according to your interests.

-Efficient alliance courier corp

-We organize some +8 local-defense and filament fleets.

-We reward active participation in alliance fleet, with a baseline of 5M/per STR PAP. If you reach more than 50 PAPs, the reward is 250 PLEX (rewards double during alliance war periods).

-We have experienced PVE and PVP players who can guide newcomers.

What kind of players are we recruiting?

-Players willing to seek PVP opportunities, pursuing small squad cooperation and elite formations.

-Members willing to actively participate in alliance strategic fleets, and those interested in becoming FCs.

-Pure PVE players, especially those who rely on ratting and mission running as their main source of income. If you can meet the tax requirement, you will be exempted from the PAP tax.

-Manufacturers and miners. The alliance has a complete industrial system and low-tax manufacturing systems.

What are our requirements?

-Please submit the SEAT and alliance ESI of all characters in use, and register for the alliance forum, Mumble, and Jabber.

-We do not accept applications from those with alts in other imperium corps.

-Please join the Discord voice channel when online, Primarily Chinese-speaking, but we’re not bad in English and command in both languages during fights.

-We require at least 3 STR PAPs per month, and 5 during war. If you choose not to participate, you can pay a PAP tax of 300M per absence (maximum of 900M per person per month).

-Always maintain humility and rationality; we win respect through effort, not just ■■■■ words and drama in EVE.

Corp zKillboard:


Mo Freeman - CNTZ

To apply, join ‘CHOUS Helping Center’ channel and follow the MOTD instructions. Wait for a director to contact you.

Recruit still open

Recruit still open and all TZ players are welcomed

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