Ex goon looking to go off grid


As the title say I’m a goonswarm member, I flew with them since I started in 2016, I’ve been trough every tidi fuckfest we were involved, went from basilisk pilot to titan pilot multiboxing supers. But today, after taking a break after the recent war, I decided to go do something else, try something “new”.

So I’m looking for a wh corp, I’m mostly EUTZ but I play a bit of every time zone but US. I can fly almost every subcap, I have done a bit of wh in the past but nothing serious, was more trying than really living.
I’m looking for some good Wh brawl, hunting and so on

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Hi there m8

i know you are looking for J-space but if you can consider being part of an independent pvp alliance operating from venal please make sure to read our post below

Independen pvp alliance looking for new members and corporations


Hi Okaski!!

Welcome back. If smaller scale null might be of interest then we have a great home waiting for you in Guns. We are super RL friendly, have a decent amount of small gang action with some fleet warfare, along with some nice space to rat and make stuff.

Check out our (simplified for newbros) ad and hopefully we can chat soon!

Asks for a new Wormhole group to join, only gets Null Pubbies reply :facepalm:


Mate, you miss 100% of the shots you dont take

You are also missing 100% of his intentions. “ex goon looking for WH change”
Why would he ever want to join another NS Alliance after coming from GSF.
You should be ashamed of yourself for even considering he would drop his standards for you.

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