Guldan Age Stories - Fight for the Federation!

Corp Killboard:

Guldan Age stories is a corp hell bent on causing wreckage through out the galaxy and broadcasting it over Twitch. We focus on small gang PvP in lowsec.

We have sided with the Gallente Federation in Faction Warfare.

Help us bring stories of destruction to the world and join today!

About US
✪ Experience players that have played since 2006
✪ Gallente Federation Faction Warfare
✪ Teaching the ways of hunting in Lowsec
✪ Relaxed Playstyle

[Guldan Age Stories] is looking for:
✓ 18+ players
✓ have discord and be active in game
✓ be a team player

What We Offer

  • SRP for PVP
  • Small gang PvP Fleets
  • Living in Lowsec
  • Experienced PVPers looking to teach new players
  • Easy Isk via Faction Warefare
  • 0.00% Tax Rate

YouTube Channel:

Twitch Channel:


In Game Channel: Guldan Age Stories

US/AUZ TZ Diplo: Frozen Fallout
EU TZ Diplo: Rel’k Bloodlor

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