Federation Front Line - Faction Warfare PvP

Streaming our activities for all of the world to see via Twitch , Guldan Age Stories is a member of the Federation Front Line. With a focus on small gang warfare and fighting in the Valhalla of Eve Online, the Federation Front Line has all the action you could want right on your doorstep.

The Federation Front Line is a Eve Online Faction Warfare Alliance that has sided with the Gallente Federation. If you are looking for daily pvp while making easy isk on the side, sign up with the Federation Front Line and join us in Valhalla.

Come on down to Notoras, the jewel of Black Rise!
You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

Valhalla awaits you!
Where the brave shall live forever!

Activities and Benefits Include
– Lowsec Small Gang PvP
– Lowsec 1v1 PvP
– Ship Reimbursement
– Small but solid Blue List and plenty to fight in the local area
– Training and Mentorship on how to live in lowsec
– New Player Starter Packages
– Access to Gallente Federation Faction Warfare
– Easy Isk making via Faction Warfare

Federation Front Line zKillboard
Check out our website for more information

If you like podcasts we also have a Faction Warfare podcast you can check out!

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