Federation Front Line Report Podcast

Hey everyone,

Federation Front Line Report is a new Podcast for Eve Online Faction Warfare News.

Our first guest was Emperor JoeBane of the Average Pilots, we talk about how he get involved in Faction Warfare and take questions from the viewers, we also go over some system flips and killmails for the Gallente Federation

I hope you enjoy!

New Episode for the Federation Front Line Report is out!

Kurgen Bergerberg of Aideron Robotics [AIDER] joins us to talk about the Fall of Fliet and how he became the diplomat for Aideron.

September 26th, 2021 Federation Front Line Report with Guest Serraphina - Eve Online Faction Warfare Podcast

Wow allot of hate there, hope all is well.

For saying we do nothing our Alliance killboard seems to show otherwise, with half as many members as your Alliance we are still out killing you in September lol.

I’m more surprised to see mine has that much considering most corps in it are dead

And even with that “higher activity,” why are you guys constantly getting kicked out of systems hobo Joe isn’t exactly a kingly moniker.

Being heavily out number in most timezones doesn’t help with controlling the warzone but really we are here for good fights and its been a blast. We have a ton of new players and teaching them the way of death and destruction :slight_smile:

All the love dude, its a game and we are all having fun!

Feed me the salt…

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When did I say otherwise?

Ccp really needs to show fw some love. It’s sad that this is the reality when the caldari peak is only about 20-25 active members in the war zone

It’s all good and fun man. Nobody is here to make the other feel/look like crap. Let’s just play, have some gentle banter and enjoy the Faction Warfare!

For the GalMil!


There sure is a lot of hate going on there. Somethings not right with that one mmmmm.

Podcast version -

Also on Spotify -

This week we go over the monthly report for Faction Warfare with Joebane.

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