Had fun at EVE North, I encourage you all to go to a meet up

Hello and a wonderful day to all.

I know- not the normal type of post here, but there is a reason!

I had a great time in Toronto for EVE North and wanted to share some of my experiences and encourage people to go to the next event.

I went to Vegas last year and for the first day or two, I mostly stuck to the group of people I knew from in game. On the third day I was having a good time and just talking to everyone.

This trip I made it a point to just talk to everyone and get to know them, we share a pretty big interest in a certain shooty shooty game. It was a great decision and one I will repeat.

I drove about 350mi/560km to get there and actually ran into a guy from TEST from the same exact city. Pretty small world.

I spent a big chunk of time with a lot of the Sixth Empire people, space pope huzzah, and they were just fun people to get to know. I really enjoyed Max Singularities panel. He’s one of those genuine fellas that can wear his feelings on this shoulder and you can relate to him.

Having Dirk move to our corp just recently, I knew I was going to have someone nearby that enjoys the libation driven entertainment as much as I did! At one point I saw a discord message from him “■■■■ this, I’m going to the roof bar!” and that’s where we spent a lot of our time during the mid-day at the Delta. There was a chunk of the Open Coms people there I have never encountered in game except for the one-off time or two we shot an BL and Dreydan may have been in that fleet. I particularly liked the feeling with this crowd of long time friends where everyone just keeps getting a pitcher for the table and I am looking forward to seeing them again in Vegas. Dirk’s wife says they are skipping it for one year- I’m going to work on that!

In my circulation, each day I seemed to run into people that wouldn’t be able to make it to the bar crawl or then the party and they were all to eager to pass on their drink tickets to me. Now, I won’t lie- 15 drinks in an evening is surely something I could rise to the challenge… but it was much more fun during those evenings to just use a ticket to give a drink to a fellow EVE player and hear some good conversation.

I know… I know… an INIT guy having drinks with some wormholers? NO WAY! Yea, they were fun. A few from smaller groups and then a few from bigger groups. I chuckled when a lazerhawk and a HK guy said to a Wing guy that they weren’t wormholers but hole divers living in HS. There was some friendly ribbing.

It feels like more than once at these events I have run into CCP Lebowsky and both of us being a few drinks in have come to that discussion point of having a passion for the game and sharing fun stories. CCP Alpha also has some great commentary and after a beer or three the dude is straight up funny.

I don’t recall CCP Amino having a drink with us on the roof, more like soaking up the sun while the lot of us ran the Roof bar out of Steam Whistle beer, even though the brewery is RIGHT NEXT DOOR. I hope he remembers my request for an Avatar Sarum skin – because I am Iron Man titan.

Reddit and the Forums is always full of people very ready to pick a bone with CCP Fozzie, but he was extremely friendly and courteous. I know there was a particular time I had hit the “10-20 drink” wall and may have been loud talking at Lee’s Palace dangerously close to that personal space bubble and he was good natured about it. The next day I posed a question and was sure to thank them all for tolerating the group of nerds that got a little toasty and loud. Despite the bones people have to pick, I particularly liked the fact that the answers he gave were thought out and he explained the line of thinking or experiences that led to the answers.

I am looking forward to an Angel dread that has the siege module he mentioned that can’t slow down.

Another thanks to CCP Burger for giving people the time to do their elevator pitches for a hundred and one ideas.

I met a lot of locals, people traveling from within Canada. I have to admit they live up to the reputation of being extremely polite and kind. The city itself is also very well run and clean, especially in the city center area. It’s a great place to visit and I’m going back.

One small item to poke fun at… we still need to work on reminding people that daily bathing and deodorant isn’t optional!

Side note – Who’s the dude that kind of looks like Chris Pratt that was doing questions from Twitchstream?

In closing, I had a great time and met some fabulous people. I encourage the lot of you to sign up for Vegas now and not wait.

P.S. – Promise not to let those friendly bonds ruin the shitposting (for reddit).


+1 That would be cool! Most skins don’t look all that good, frankly, but that one would be great!

Printed on event ticket: ‘Reminder-- Daily bathing and deodorant isn’t optional!’
Dev onstage: ‘I’d like to close my remarks with a reminder that daily bathing and deodorant isn’t optional!’
Printed on drink ticket: ‘Reminder: Daily bathing and deodorant isn’t optional-- especially during the bar crawl!’

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Las Vegas is not as convenient to all of the US as CCP thinks, if they ever have one on the West Coast or Pacific NW maybe.

They have all these events in EU, London and Amsterdam for example are on 339mi apart. But then in the US they have two events for the whole continent and Las Vegas is not close to anything. From my home it is 1000mi to LV. Here are distances from a few other US cities to LV:

Chicago: ~1800mi
Dallas: ~1250mi
Seattle: ~1125mi


Really glad you had fun, it was an awesome weekend.

One of the best non-fanfest events I’ve been to in 17 years of playing EVE.

So awesome to meet so many new faces and raise a glass with them!

As someone from Chicago the only good thing I can say is flights out to LV aren’t terrible. We also have several airports in the area to choose from.

Going to Las Vegas from Los Angeles should take about 4 hours (269.4 mi) via I-15 N but since the SoCal Freeways are usually packed it takes much longer time to get there (unless you do the trip at midnight).

So basically the distance isn’t the issue, the travel time is the issue.

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The LV casino industry should have funded a high speed rail line to LA, decades ago. One is slowly coming, however.

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Nice, so they hope to drop the time down to about 2 hrs and plan on the first station being built in Victorville with service starting in 2022.

Then later more stations added. Course more stations will increase travel time.

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