Hanging By A Threat :Now open for recruits

Hi there loking for a corp

We are Hanging By A Threat

This is what we have

  • EUZT for now hope to expant to other timezones
  • Corporation buy back program 90%jita buy
  • 5% corp tax
  • Daily Alliance PVP fleet
  • Mining and pvp competissions
  • Discord
  • TS3
  • Hi end industry options
  • A hole training program for new and returning players

What we are loking for

  • Some nice guys and girls to have fun whit
  • Ppl that dont mind showing up for fleets and on comes rather it is TS3 or Discord
  • Mature members
  • Real life comes first policy
  • No Corp Hoppers

Hope to see you in game and otherwise on Discord :smiley:

Greetings and salutations



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