2300-0200 Active members

I am looking for a corp that has active members online pretty regularly around 2300-0200 Eve time.

I have around 40 million SP, not focused in any real area as this toon started as a utility alt. Started originally to haul for my FW main accountt.

I have recently had a change in my work hours where I am home earlier in the day. My FW group is later USTZ so I would like to find another group to chill with during the day.

This toon can mine decently, fly a Tengu and nearly in a Golem.

The most important thing I am looking for is active members, hopefully on coms, during those hours stated above. That is a must.

Are you interested in wh space?

hey buddy lets have a talk

Hey Lord. Thank you or reaching out. I’m not ready to make that move quite yet. I still have occasional J-space errands that require this toon, though another alt is soon to take over those responsibilities.

I do appreciate the response though. Your corp/alliance killboard is right in the timeslot I’m looking for.

All good! You can join our discord in the mean time!

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