[Hansa League] - Hisec Wants You!

Greetings all!

If you are new to the game or looking for a new home in hisec, look no further.

Welcome to the Hansa League

Who We Are:

An awesome group of people that wants to have fun and enjoy our time in EvE. We live in Caldari high sec for the time beeing and our corp consist of EU TZ players mainly. Our shared corporation goal is to be the very best at what we do - nothing else.

What We Do:

  • Regular Mining Fleets
  • Manufacturing and Trade
  • Abyssal and Mission Fleets
  • Small gang roams in lowsec

What We Offer:

  • Regular Max Boosted Mining Fleets
  • Moon Mining and Industry Facilities
  • Buyback Service (loot, PI, ore/minerals etc)
  • Max Refining Service
  • PvP (newbro friendly training, small gang to fleet roams)
  • Ship Program and Doctrine Fits
  • Discord Server
  • Newbro Friendly Introduction
  • :heart: Friendship = Best Ship :heart:

What We Look For:

  • Pilots with a mature attitude - no drama!
  • Pilots that are willing to learn and contribute with their experience
  • Pilots that are willing to defend what is theirs and take what they deserve

If you are interested, please join our Discord server and let our bot ask you some questions. You could also join our in-game channel Hansekontor or send a mail to our recruiters listed in the chat channel.

Best regards

Martin Boko

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Message Sent

Ty for your message, i have left you a reply in-game. Cya soon :slight_smile:

We are still looking for new pilots

still recruiting

still recruiting

yep, still recruiting

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