Happy New Year to all

(Jian Mira) #1

Have a good one, everyone… Fly Safe!


yes i know it early, but anyway

(Felyx Ravencroft) #2


(Rhalina Sedai) #3

Happy new year.

(Ronnie Rose) #4

Yes Happy New Year. May 2018 be a much more productive and fun year for EVE than 2017 was.

(DeMichael Crimson) #5

Yes indeed, wish everyone has a Happy New Year !!!

Even CCP …

(Gwenaelle de Ardevon) #6


Happy New Year …
… and let us make EVE Great Again.

Fly Safe Folks of New Eden.

(Anataine Deva) #7

Happy New YC120!

(Nana SkaIski) #8


(xxxTRUSTxxx) #9

Happy New year all o7

(Fast Rollard) #10

Same to you sir’s and maam and may you know Gods blessing this new year :slight_smile:

(Rexxar Santaro) #11

HNY o7

(CCP Falcon) #12

Happy New Year :wink:

Christmas 2017
(DarkKain) #13

Falcon happy new year for you and your family, thank you for hering us all this years.


(system) #14

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