**Hard Knocks Inc., C5-C5 WH PvP Corporation - Recruiting all TZ PvPers**

Hard Knocks Inc., C5-C5 WH PvP Corporation - Recruiting all TZ PvPers

What should you know about us?

We are a like minded group of individuals who enjoy the lifestyle of living in a wormhole. We have everything from your bitter vets to your quad-plated bhaalgorn pilots. As of right now our corp is active across all time zones, and we are actively looking to maintain that harmony. As long as you can speak proficient English we shouldn’t have an issue with communication.

We are a corp focused around the collection of tears and good fights, both in nullsec and wormhole space. If we have to ship down to T1 cruisers so be it; as long as we can blow things up, we are happy. If you do not enjoy the thrill of combat or are overly risk adverse with your ISK, you may not find joining Hard Knocks to be in your best interest.

We currently live in a C5-C5. While we suffered a small setback in December in the form of 2000 Goons, we’ve more than persevered and we’re stronger than ever.


400bil Titan dunk


Evicting Wormhole Outlaws (RIP), ~450b destroyed


20bil Rorqual dunk


What can we offer you?

  • Active TS3 voice comms across all timezones
  • Discord based OOG social comms
  • Daily PvP activities with experienced FCs
  • The opportunity to fly with one of the most well known and successful wormhole PvP corporations in New Eden

What do we want?

We want commitments, plain and simple. You could join any corporation in EVE, but we want you here because you want to be here. We are also asking that you make a commitment to be active; we do not want nor will we allow inactive people to sit in our corp for any reason.


  • Need to be able to fly 1 of: Drekavac or Guardian
  • Need to be able to fly 1 of: Sleipnir or Basilisk
  • Need to be able to fly 1 of: Muninn or Scimitar
  • Must be able to fly a covops or scanning T3 with scanning supports on an alt.

If you feel like you can make up for deficiencies in any of the above requirements and still wish to apply, post your recruitment thread and contact a recruiter directly via ingame or PM.

  • WH knowledge - you do not need to be a master but you must know the basics, do some research.
  • Proficient understanding of game mechanics
  • Ability to scan proficiently
  • Ability to listen, comprehend and speak English proficiently over TS3 with a non-shitty microphone.
  • Be active!
  • You need to give full SSO tokens for all accounts held and a TS3 interview
  • You must be self-sufficient with ISK. We do not run any organised form of PvE content as a corp.

Strong Recommendations:

  • The ability to dual box useful characters in fleets
  • The ability to combat and d-scan proficiently
  • Experience with flying support ships when required (HIC, Recons, Logi, etc)
  • Additional useful characters such as Sabre alts
  • All medium weapon systems and cruisers to V

How do I join?

Join the ingame channel: “Hard Knocks” and follow the instructions in the MOTD.


glad to see you back dudes o7 GL on the recruiting

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Bump for you baby, bump for me

Its a hard knock life for us. It could be a hard knock life for you!



Bumping this.

HK is recruiting.

Suits YOU sir!



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Hard Knocks alliance warning This is Scam!!!

Do not rent systems, do not join the alliance. I was deceived!!!

HK is still recruiting.

Come join us future space friends.

Still knocking.

N is still silent.

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