Hard Knocks supers

no Merk group wants to fight hk supers. every one is More scared of hk then pl and nc combined .

Do they actually undock fitted supers other than farm wh npc or either safe anchor near citadel?

Just asking, no offence.

don’t dock them

lol nice spinning
do you ever undock them to fight?

just log them off in renter space. HK are that good. I bet you think they have supers in wh lol

I bet you don’t use them for major fights until 100% safe to keep kb as green as possible

no way

Nice joke, thank you for the laugh.

cant get supers in wormholes lol
but hk supers are in drone lands afaik, theyre a pretty hardcore group but im not sure how theyd fare in say fountain or delve.

I heard that Hard Knocks breeds its supeers in a farm where heir Aeons are forced to breed with wild Prophecies, creating mutant hybrids called Revelations, which then grow in the deepest darest recesses of the Dronelands, eating officer rats until one day they hibernate for 12 weeks and moult their chrysalis, emerging as a fully fledged Aeon once more.

Or so they say.

like anyother alliance would drop theirs until odds were good

Well they don’t brag about them so much