Has the black ops role bonus been replaced by cheaper ship(s)?

Specifically talking about filling the role entirely, not just equip the modules that the black ops can otherwise equip. Other people are saying that the black ops role can be replaced by other ships that get the job done without risking a 1.3B isk ship. So is this true?

you will live in the pod
you will eat the bugs
you will have sexy time with your clone
you will fly a corvette
and you will be happy

What other ship is able to bridge to Covert Cynos?

Only BLops can bridge ninjya’s. So it has that.

Are you talking not bridging and as a stand up fighter?

If thats the case most have always had something else better.

Sin has been known to fit nuet highs to cap drain and drone spam targets. BUt that was after it jumped the target after cyno pop.

If taking the cyno out of the setup and you are doing it low tech tackles says in comm they tackled go go go…domi can do this too. And save some isk.

Widow lost some value after ecm nerf. Not bridging cheaper missile boat options exist.

Panther iirc is speedy boat…for a bs anyway. But another variant of typhoon no cyno used might be in order.

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