Covert Ships

Since T2 Battleships are using Covert Bridges to Covert Cynos, logic states that they can use covert ops cloak also; especially when you consider the amount of time needed on skills to do this with these ships versus the stealth bomber that can use the covert cyno.
You don’t hear me arguing about the fact that the covert ops cloak can not engage when targeted.
So clearly people already have a great shot at these ships even with this cloak being allowed.

The t2 Black Ops Battleships are not Covert Ships. They are Black Ops ships, as their name states. They are a supplemental combat utility vessel to enhance mobility of smaller covert vessels over long distances, and provide extra firepower to the final landing point after the main covert force is through and engaging.

Addinitionally, lore-wise, they are too big to operate a covert ops cloak efficiently, even the Sisters of EVE, the grand master ladies of ship cloaking tech, couldn’t get the Nestor to operate properly with a covert ops cloak. Yes, the Nestor is not a Black Ops, I am aware.

Imagine how fast a max-skill Panther could go if it could fit a CovOps cloak.

The restriction means that you cannot warp around cloaked. If you could, these ships would be awesomely OP.

Essentially you need to drop a cyno in order to bring in the blops. So this means you need to provoke some poor slob into engaging with you in 1v1 honourbru combat. Then show no honour, and bring the gank.

I’ve just trained Blops. We are much disappointment about this issue. Nevertheless, it does explain why I have been able to rat in relative safety all these years.

Logic was ganked with ECM long ago, and podded as well.

And would they be so OP?

Oh yeah.

Nobody doing missions would be safe. You could not only warp to sites without decloaking, you could also burn very quickly to people using the cloaked speed bonus.

It would turn low sec and null into wormhole space. As soon as somebody entered system, folks would dock up instead of d-scanning.

Of course, with cynos and roaming blobs being the enduring meta, i guess that pretty much happens anyway. But at least with a cyno you can wait and see what it does, before docking up. And you can maybe blatt the thing before bugging out, which is something that discourages SB and Force Recon cynos. A Battleship decloaking right on top of you, bumping you, and then bringing in more battleships…

Eve already struggles very badly from an excess of unfair (and frankly boring) game mechanics that only suit roving blobs. It is very much a roving blob game.

There is a perpetual toss up between making folks safe to do PVE and making them unsafe so pirates can get blob kills.

More and more I think CCP have realized that sane, healthy folks like sane, healthy space ship pew, and so offering up PVE bears to mentally suspect pirate blobs is less common than in the past. I mean, you still get escalations that ask you to travel 12 jumps through null, and do a hour long mission, in order to have a 30% chance of getting loot modules worth a fraction of a decent ship. So pathetic game mechanics that feed noobs to bullies still exist, and the game is built on them, but the new tendency is to have space warriors do FW and Space Bears to do PVE in peace.

I have just trained blops, with a view to going hunting pirates who formerly hunted my corp, and have discovered that the pirates have learned to be as risk averse as I have. Duh!

It’s impossible to catch them in a fight. They dock up or bring overwhelming force. Like I learned to do. So now we have to go gank noobs who don’t know what is happening or how to play the game… or go back to faction warfare and see if it still takes 3 days to get a fight.

Meh. It’s Eve.

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Um, yeah, no.

they already do that even without covert cloak BSs. Even with my covert tengu dwellers knew I’m coming.

it’s obvious covert cloak BS can’t have cloak speed bonus.

BS have very long align time and low warp speed to be roaming in them.

Frankly you didn’t convinced me that covert cloak is such a bad idea. I’m flying covert cloak hulls on regular basis and I don’t see such game breaker with covert cloak BS.

So you don’t have a personal opinion on the matter but you do a good job of informing us the reason set forth by the game company.

Just admit there is no arguing this logic of fixing/correcting another oversight in game.
We need to use forums to bring problems to CCP’s attention.
That is exactly what I was told.
So here it is: Fix this problem FINALLY.

I fly Black Ops, and my opinion is that they are in a decent spot. Their primary function has always been their covert bridging utility, followed by hard DPS.

While I will freely admit that CCP has made design oversights in the past, the definition of Black Ops and function of Black Ops has not been one of them. The class isn’t without need of tweaking, but it does not need a covert ops cloaking device. It already has its own Jump Drive, and the ability to move other ships to its jump endpoint for ambushes.

Black Ops ws always meant to synergize with Covert Ops, but was never meant to be CovOps itself.


Wait a minute - Have I been gone that long?
Have their own jump drive - you mean their covert jump drive, right? Not some new module I don’t know about?
And Finally: The reason I started that direction on game - the video is on my bio page in game.
Take a Look! I then moved on to carriers BEFORE they separated the new Force Aux, which I have finished now also.
So now - please let others who do agree with me speak their piece as well before this closes and I will appreciate your view as well.
PS - I love the idea of moon mining fleets instead of POS modules :slight_smile:

I will admit, I haven’t been playing EVE for a particularly long time, about 2 years now.

I can appreciate your opinion, and damn would it be hilarious to warp ontop of someone in my Sin While cloaked, but I don’t see an actual need for it. I apologize for jumping down your throat abit with my own viewpoint.

The cloak is merely to be able to travel in system to the action point without it being obvious.
Even if the covert cloak problem is corrected, this still does not allow it to engage if being targeted,
and this is the common oversight that many do not consider in this effort to Correct the allowance of covert cloaks on Black Ops ships.
So this does not make them “too overpowered” as any cloak does not engage when being targeted.

PS - I also think we should allow a cloak to engage If Not receiving damage, and only should be stalled if receiving damage, just like Every Star Trek TNG episode.

PLEASE MOVE TO PROPER SECTION - Gameplay Changes - thank you

Hey, I haven’t convinced myself. I will totally take a covert cloak if they let me have one.

So next time you are ratting it is totally okay when a Widow(maker) decloaks in front of you, violates you in un-funny ways and warps away cloaked while you cannot do anything about it.

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Me too :parrotbeer:

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