Haven't played in a few years, looking for a low sec pirate group to take me in and show me the new ropes

Haven’t played in a few years, looking for a low sec pirate group to take me in and show me the new ropes.

character born 2009 but only a few years of actual playtime on and off forever.

68m skillpoints

if you could point me towards a group who is recruiting losers that would be great, thanks.

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I came back a few months ago and was looking for the same thing. I ended up joining CODE. Highsec ganking is way more prevalent than it was a few years ago - a lowsec PvP is way less active. At least that was my impression.

thanks for the suggestion. I’m not looking for anything in hi-sec at this time though.

You can also just browse the lowsec killboards. The vast majority of lowsec “pirate” corps aren’t going to be recruiting on the forums - but you could shoot them an in-game mail. Zkill can tell you a lot about what corps really do - single-system blobs, small-gang roams, faction warfare, etc.

Hello @Agent_Blackbear! Welcome to the EVE forum and welcome back to the game!

Hey man, you’re not a loser :wink:

If you feel like a loser, it’s because you’re not flying with us yet! We’ll bring you up to date and teach you about all the new fancy gadgets we have! Red further details about us below and join our Discord (link below). Let’s have a chat about you signing on with us! I look forward to hearing from you.

The Revolution Grows (Video)
Yump to Me - Small Gang Roam (Video)

BATTLE KATS IS RECRUITING! Revolutionize the way you play EVE! (By that I mean, HAVE FUN AGAIN!)

I am Ram Askaari, CEO of Battle Kats. My corporation is part of Hardly Competent alliance which is a member of the Kairos Initiative coalition.

Community Features:

  • Casual (No activity requirements)
  • IRL comes first (ALWAYS)
  • tight knit group of dudes that love playing with each other (ok, that one came out wrong that’s what she said ).
  • Experienced players willing to teach (from PvP to ISK making)

Battle Kats is an 18+ English speaking corporation.

We are recruiting from all walks at this time, but we are primarily seeking:

  • Fleet Commanders
  • PvP Pilots
  • Capital Pilots
  • Cool People

We currently operate out of LowSec!

  • SRP for Alliance Ops
  • Discord and TeamSpeak3
  • All Pilots welcome, 10 Million SP Minimum (No Alphas, SP requirement is flexible)
  • Active, experienced and Dedicated leadership
  • A focus on community building

Thanks for reading, fly dangerously!

To apply please visit: http://eve-hr.com/BattleKats

In-Game Public Channel: Battle Kats Public

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