Hayven Celestia - brand new Wormhole corp now recruiting USTZ(C4 3/5)

Hayven Celestia is a brand new c4 3/5 wormhole corporation looking to make its mark in J space!

We are a new corporation, however we have now a fully established wormhole presence including a full array of structures. We intend on taking full advantage of what wormholes have to offer which can mean anything from mining, pvp, gas huffing, high and low class pve, and anything else J space might throw at us.


  • A can do attitude
  • Access to Discord and the willingness to use it
  • Willingness to PVP
  • English speaking(doesnt have to be your primary language)
  • Willingness to learn how to scan or scan

Come Hang out in our public chat ‘Hayven Public’, Join our Discord (Discord), or send a mail to Blaze T Skylark or Respond to this post if you are at all interested in joining!

We are still recruiting!

For thos of us that have a busy real life:

  1. Is there a CTA/login requirement? If so how often / how many fleets per month?

  2. Is there a skill or doctrine requirement to join?

  3. Is there consistent support for people new to wormholes?

This is a personal question. How time in wormhole space does your leadership / senior team have?

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Hey Ophelia thanks for the questions!

to answer them in order, There is no required fleets per month, or CTA pings you are required to join, I have a 6 month activity policy just meaning you can not be inactive for 6+ month(subject to change, although for the time being I want to stick by this)

We have no set in stone doctrines(Yet!) although we have doctrines in the works, I am accepting all players new and old regardless of how many SP you have or what you can fly as long as you are having a good time!

Me and my co-founder are on almost daily in the afternoon EDT and always available to be pinged in our discord for any and all help

I have been playing eve online for just under 3 years and 95% of that time has been spent living in J space, my Co-founder is almost the same way with just a little less time

We are still recruiting :smiley:

we are still recruiting!

also if anyone sees this and knows how to add tags pls help :smiley:

We are still recruiting :smiley:

We are still Rectruiting


we are still recruiting! come check us out!

the recruitment is still on!

we is are do be still recruiting but yet again

Recruitment is still open :smiley:

WE are still recruiting!

Recruitment has resumed!

Recruitment has resumed

We are recruiting :smiley:

we are still recruiting

The recruitment resumes !

We are recruiting