Heads Or Tails INC is looking for Industrialists and PVE Pilots

We are a newish small corp located in Amarr space. We can offer lots of industrial benefits including mining fleets with other corps and boosts. We can also help newer pilots get into the groove of industry or ratting. We also run lvl 4 Missions to help newbros gain more experience.

  • Initially an independent capsuleer industrial corporation.
  • It is often found operating within various parts of Amarr space.
  • Though primarily industrial, Heads Or Tails INC carries an equal opportunity policy for explorers, couriers, and anti-piracy capsuleers and baseliners alike. (Small HighSec/LowSec Industrial/PVE Corp, Newbro and Bittervet friendly)
  • Join our in game chat channel ‘HoTINC Embassy’

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