Hel bpo sold

As the tittle says:

Hel BPO for sale.
It is located in high sec.
Me: 6 and Te: 10

Price: 20,5 bil.

There’s a 7/10 on contracts for 22b.

Price changed to 21.5



New price added, 20,5 bil.
Much under research cost!





Still for sale!
Make me an offer!

Think that you still need to work on this BPO to get a profit. Last time when I saw that kind of post like yours guy was selling BPO below NPC price.

I don’t want profit at all…just take out my money…

Still for sale!

Contract to : Haleuth

20.5b in jita

Also, contact him by sending message. This charcter is an alt. I wont check it everyday.

Thank you


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