HELP: How to get a player structure's details for calculating industrial manufacturing costs by ESI

Hi, I want to calculate and compare industrial manufacturing costs in designated solar system.

I can get system cost index by “/industry/systems”, but I don’t know how to get information about a player structure which have manufacturing service online, such as tax and structure modifications.
“/universe/structures/” returns a list of all structures, can’t specify solar system.
“/universe/structures/{structure_id}/” returns:
“name”: “Airaken - Last Stop Set CLone Here”,
“owner_id”: 98594465,
“position”: {
“x”: -34609423529.093285,
“y”: -3986942214.072333,
“z”: -1314452300638.1062
“solar_system_id”: 30000185,
“type_id”: 35825

So how to get those information by ESI?

I dont think you can atm. Some links to relevant issues:

It seems that the developer don’t want to provide a interface to fetch public structures’ information with specified system or region id.

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