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I’m creating a spreadsheet for industry, and i want to know if it’s possible to fetch citadel information ( i need riggs to apply material reduction in formulas). I look at swagger but didn’t found.
Should i do it manually ?


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To my knowledge, there is no way to get specifics of citadel industry modifiers without using authenticated endpoints (and even then, it’s a convoluted process). My suggestion would be to join the tweetfleet slack ( ) and ask in the #ESI or #SCC-Lounge channels if anyone’s had experience on dealing with that stuff.

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in google you can find converted for most popular DBs

and than you can make requests like this

citadel bonuses

SELECT,,, a.code,, ta.value
  FROM eve_types t,
       eve_groups g,
       eve_type_attributes ta,
       eve_attributes a
  where g.category_id=65 
    and g.published=1
    and t.group_id = 
    and t.published=1
    and ta.type_id =
    #and a.published=1
    and in (2600,2601,2602)
ID Name AID ACode AName Value
35825 Raitaru 2600 strEngMatBonus N/A 0.99
35825 Raitaru 2601 strEngCostBonus N/A 0.97
35825 Raitaru 2602 strEngTimeBonus N/A 0.85
35826 Azbel 2600 strEngMatBonus N/A 0.99
35826 Azbel 2601 strEngCostBonus N/A 0.96
35826 Azbel 2602 strEngTimeBonus N/A 0.8
35827 Sotiyo 2600 strEngMatBonus N/A 0.99
35827 Sotiyo 2601 strEngCostBonus N/A 0.95
35827 Sotiyo 2602 strEngTimeBonus N/A 0.7

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Ok, i’ll check that.
Maybe it’s just impossbile ^^
Thanks for the help

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