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I’m creating a spreadsheet for industry, and i want to know if it’s possible to fetch citadel information ( i need riggs to apply material reduction in formulas). I look at swagger but didn’t found.
Should i do it manually ?


To my knowledge, there is no way to get specifics of citadel industry modifiers without using authenticated endpoints (and even then, it’s a convoluted process). My suggestion would be to join the tweetfleet slack ( ) and ask in the #ESI or #SCC-Lounge channels if anyone’s had experience on dealing with that stuff.
in google you can find converted for most popular DBs

and than you can make requests like this

citadel bonuses

SELECT,,, a.code,, ta.value
  FROM eve_types t,
       eve_groups g,
       eve_type_attributes ta,
       eve_attributes a
  where g.category_id=65 
    and g.published=1
    and t.group_id = 
    and t.published=1
    and ta.type_id =
    #and a.published=1
    and in (2600,2601,2602)
ID Name AID ACode AName Value
35825 Raitaru 2600 strEngMatBonus N/A 0.99
35825 Raitaru 2601 strEngCostBonus N/A 0.97
35825 Raitaru 2602 strEngTimeBonus N/A 0.85
35826 Azbel 2600 strEngMatBonus N/A 0.99
35826 Azbel 2601 strEngCostBonus N/A 0.96
35826 Azbel 2602 strEngTimeBonus N/A 0.8
35827 Sotiyo 2600 strEngMatBonus N/A 0.99
35827 Sotiyo 2601 strEngCostBonus N/A 0.95
35827 Sotiyo 2602 strEngTimeBonus N/A 0.7

Ok, i’ll check that.
Maybe it’s just impossbile ^^
Thanks for the help

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