Get Sctructure name by ID

I am reciaving corporation assets list. In that list i have “location_id”.
With location_id<1000000000000 i am going to the /v2/universe/stations/{station_id}/ and reciaving station_name
With location_id > 1000000000000i am going to the /v1/universe/structures/{structure_id}/ and reciaving citadel_name
But on half of citadel ids, i am reciaving “Forbidden”, even on citadels with free port.

So, how i can identify names of citadels with corporation assets?

If you don’t have permission to dock with them in game there is no way to resolve that with ESI. As you can only lookup structures where you are on the ACL.

I can dock there, it is free ports.
Any other way to reciave structure name?

Someone else can prob confirm this but AFAIK:

Even though you can dock there in game, as it has the public ACL; that citadel has blocked at least 1 person/corp/alliance from docking. Because of this, that citadel isn’t considered public to the API. Unless they explicitly add you to the ACL the API views it as you can’t dock there.

As to other ways of getting this data, this endpoint is the only way i know of.

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