ESI, Citadel Location Issue

(Cypherous) #1

So i’m having an issue here trying to get the name and location of a citadel i’m not on the ACL for, i already know its ID but trying to translate that ID in to a location seems to be impossible, anyone know exactly how i’m supposed to get its name and system from the API without being on its ACL, seems like fairly easy public information as literally anyone already in a system can see its name and location

/universe/stations/{station_id}/ doesn’t work because the ID is too long

/universe/structures/{structure_id}/ requires i’m actually able to dock at it in order return data, this endpoint seems to have the data i want, restricting the name and location to only people on the ACL seems like a massive oversight as that means i could never accurately list my items location if its inside a citadel i can’t dock at anymore

Am i missing an obvious endpoint that does what i need or has CCP really been that daft as to prevent you from being able to see the name and location of a citadel outside of the game?

(Blacksmoke16) #2

Simply put, if you do not have permission to dock in a structure, you cannot resolve it via ESI.

(Cypherous) #3

So they could be that daft then, figures :confused:

They really should fix that oversight tbh

(ISD Sakimura) #4

I doubt it’s an oversight… more likely by design.
same thing applies ingame, if you can’t dock in the structure it does not show on your overview (unless you are on grid with it).

(Cypherous) #5

So its poor design then, i mean either way its not something that actually needs to exist, it only complicates things for developers working with the already annoying assets list, if i have “something” in that citadel i should be able to query that citadels location externally regardless of if i still have access to retrieve that item

(ISD Sakimura) #6

I could be wrong about this, but I do believe that the information you seek are indeed provided when you query your assets; it should tell you what items you have incl. name and system of the station they’re at.

(Cypherous) #7

Yes it will give me the location ID, but, the endpoint that translates that ID in to a name/location returns forbidden if you’re not on the ACL, that endpoint should respond the same as if i were ingame looking at my assets and that window tells me the name and the location, there should be no difference between that and the assets endpoint