How do I find this for a specific citadel? I’ve been able to pull it from EveHQ in the past but now it shows the actual citadel name instead of the locationid. I have no API experience but I am using a spreadsheet which requires the locationid of a citadel. Thank you for any help.

I can’t think of an easy way to get this without implementing EVE SSO to get character location or contract info or something like that.

Is there a way I can do it myself with no SSO experience? How could I do it if I had a character parked at the citadel?

Easiest way is to link the structure you want the ID for and put it in some chat in game. Then, right click the link, hit copy; then paste it into some out of game text area, (google sheets cell, chrome omnibar, notepad++, word etc).

Will see something like this <url=showinfo:35834//60003760>Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant</url>

The larger number after the // is the ID for that structure.

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