Location ID Lookup


I am pulling a report for industry jobs, and noticed I can get location ID’s for the output, input, and the BPO/C. However, I am not finding a function that will resolve those ID’s into the text version of what they are. In a support ticket, I was referred to a vague article that had nothing to do with the question, and was referred here and to Discord. Anyone know by chance what function would resolve those ID’s?

I would guess that your ID is a stationID, then you should be able to use =EVEONLINE.STATION() to get the station.


As Elzig said we have those functions to lookup ID’s. We always try to resolve the station automatically in industry jobs so that shouldn’t be needed.

You can also use the .STRUCTURE(id, character_id_or_entity) to see if it’s a structure, if it’s a corporation call, since the character level tries to resolve it automatically, but it’s unlikely that’s going to be the result for a corporation level call since if it’s a structure it’s going to give you the id of the “Office” the corporation owns instead.

So it’s likely the outpout and input are assets such as cargo containers in a corp hangar, or just an office id.

The only way to get this for corp is if the character has the Director role and to pull corp assets, and then filter by the asset id. However the industry job endpoint doesn’t require that role so you can have cases of users that can’t get the id’s resolved without a director manually providing a list of cargo container/Offices etc. from the corporation assets output.

For a character it’s going to need assets fetched to populate that the cargo container id. Which is something we plan on integrating if it’s not too detrimental to the function processing time. (Since fetching multiple pages of assets takes time)