Container Searches limited to Corp assets?

So one of the things I do in industry is to put all of my “build materials” into a station container or station warehouse container and then I just parcel it out onto jobs from there. Select the container as the source material and output the blueprint results to the main hangar.

With a little digging I found that I can get the Contents of a particular container.

=EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS('toon number', "item" or item ID, 'location')

However I’m finding that if that location number is in an Alliance structure that I have access to I cannot read the contents of the containers. I can read contents from my corporation structure just fine though. Am I missing something here or is this a current limitation of the add-in?

It’s likely that I have a bugfix for this in the next patch, the type_id + location behaviour essentially did a strict type_id filter and then checked for .final_location or the first parent id, it’s now been set to do .final_location and 3 levels up of parents item location_id, so items inside containers inside an office inside a structure would be displayed if you used the office id for example.

Once 1.4 is out you can retry and see if it still happens.

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1.4 is out and you can try, not that I think there is a logic bug in the way type_id filtering with a parameter is resolved, which can lead to error-limits being hit. The logic does recursion up the tree and I forgot I need to resolve it in reverse. So keep that in mind if you get the new error window in the sidebar.

It’s being on worked on to resolve this issue, once I find time this week (crosses fingers) to debug the correct scenario that can lead to those issues.

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Looks like I can see into the structure, but not necessarily into the containers I have there. I think it’s something with the location identifier. there’s no sub-location identifier I think. the way the formula is working it appears to be looking at a top level location. You can’t substitute the container id for the location. This appears to be a global issue and not just alliance vs corp structures.

type_id + location_filter logic outlined:

  1. get all assets,
  2. filter by type_id,
  3. get all location_id assets from 3
  4. get all location_id assets from 3
  5. get all location_id assets from 4
  6. cache locations in 5, then 4, then 3
  7. create cards for list in 2
  8. filter out cards by matching .final_location === location_filter OR == location_filter OR == location_filter OR === location_filter

So somewhere in this logic the search is breaking down or not resolving the location.location info needed

You can provide me with the raw ESI response for the assets via discord and I can try to recreate the data and debug the logic, or a simply the order of nesting of the items is also helpful, for me to recreate.

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I’ll dig into it a little more. There’s a very real possibility that it’s a PEBKAC error *

(problem exists between keyboard and chair).