All Assets or filtering off to show all other assets

The Excel Add in limits the character assets to 200 lines per page.

When blueprints are included individually I you cannot actually see what materials are available, by filtering the blueprints off, the first 200 lines now only shows the balance of the lines not the next items.

Is there a way to filter the first two hundered non blueprint lines or show all pages.

I am currently using this forumula =FILTER(EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS(Character_ID,Location_ID),NOT(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(“Blueprint”,EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS(Character_ID,Location_ID),“”)

my character_ID and location ID would be my actual ID’s in my excel

You can use character_blueprints instead to get your blueprints, that also contains the ME/TE values.
The 200 limit is the page = 1 default behaviour for excel web, since if the payload/size is beyond 5mb it crashes excel web.

Since the parameter is being added by default you could also just duplicate that function and add page = 2 etc to view the rest, but it might run into one of the pages being too large for excel web. Dynamic page sizing is being worked on that would fix that issue, so I’d try the character_blueprints function for now.