Not collecting all assets

Not sure if this should go to support or here.

After I added my characters I went to the functions add in on the left of excel I went to Charracter_Asset and hit try it out. It hasn’t brought back all of the assets. I assume it should be ?

The CharacterDropdown version only injects a formula with CHARACTER_ASSETS(character_id, “Rifter”) that will show you all your owned Rifters, you can either put a type_id or the string of the item you want to search for into that second parameter.

This was done this way since the web version can’t output that many assets it was a safer choice. Web version should now default to page 1 so we can look into updating it.

Try doing. =EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS() instead to do a “all characters, all assets” pull. If you are on web it will default to page 1. edit: and to add the paging it’s as follows =EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS(,page_id) with the rest empty which isn’t pretty.

You can see parameters on this site,, if you are on web excel, otherwise the desktop version does tell you some info on parameters.

For assets the supported parameters are the following:

Edit: Unsure if you still have this issue, since you had the other post too. Are you further along now?

I was doing this to get the assests and it didn’t come back with a full list =EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS(xxxx,“”). xxx is character id.
your recommendation comes back with an additional ~5k rows.
How would I now in a new sheet, colunm get a different characters assets if I am not using char id ?

For performance of the function it’s best to supply it with a character_id, since it cuts down time needed to process each assets and find out what item it is, the .owner field on each asset cell is what character owns it.
Tt’s more straightfoward to have a singlular assets call and control it by using EVEONLINE.ACTIVE_CHARACTERS() for a list of all your signed in characters, and do a EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS(A1) [assuming A1 is where the active_characters formula resides to select the first character] based on what character from the ACTIVE_CHARACTERS list you want to use.

(You can also with data validation create a dropdown list to control the selected character, bit more advanced though)

Having the second parameter as “” is also not really needed either, since it’ll just trigger a filter to all asset names to match against empty string, and nothing will really change.

Each page is very small in the paging for excel web payload reasons and so based on that you are getting 5k rows it’s likely the asset list is what the ESI service contains.

If items you are looking to find are in a corporation hangar they’d not appear in character_assets, but instead in corporation_assets(character_id) [Note the character_id for corp assets needs to be a direction in the corp the character is in for this to work, sadly just the requirements for the esi endpoint]

Is there a simple call just to get all the ships for a character ?

You can do a filter on unfiltered character_assets function by the .type.group_id being one of the group_ids that are in the ship category.

=EVEONLINE.CATEGORY(6,TRUE).groups gives you a spillable list of all the ids, it’s about 47 IDs
I’m not sure how to excel magic that list into an FILTER but the hardcoded method is kinda like this.

Example for group_id for frigate and cruisers against a character assets with character_id
(EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS(character_id).type.group_id = 25) + (EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ASSETS(character_id).type.group_id = 26) )

Example screenshots of the output from that function.
(I think I need to restart my excel, I keep getting blank cells in the top, that are actually entity cards)