Multiple character inventory on one tab

I need some help. I am trying to get a list of all my characters inventory on one excel tab with the location and prices.

I see you can get inventory from the help menu, but you can’t choose a character for the information. Inventory is the only place you can see price of the item.
If you use assets it doesn’t have the item cost as an option.

I can’t see in the excel query how to add multiple characters, do I need a tab for each then combine them ? I have more than a handful of accounts will multiple characters on each account

Any advice appreciated.

Good point, I was just thinking about this today. The only way to do it requires a pretty ugly / slow method, unless you just want certain sub-fields that are numbers I think. (Like to sum up average/estimate prices maybe?)

EVEONLINE.ASSETS() returns the full inventory for all signed in characters, with an .owner field that is the name of the character it belongs to. You can use a FILTER function and match against the character names you want to display. But it’ll resolve all character assets as a downside so it can take a very long time, and with big inventories multiplied it might hit a cell limit easily.

I’ll move my ticket regarding supporting character_id arrays for this function higher on my todo list.

Great thanks, Can’t believe I didn’t look at the numbers on the asset lists between character specific and the asset button on the right panel.
It would be great to see each characters total asset/inventory value.

Yeah, I have an “ASSETS_STATS” function on my idea-board. To exactly provide that kind of details. Average/Estimated Value, where everything is (nested final_location), how many of each category_id and such was what I thought could be useful.

I am hoping to be able to show a little summary of each character, isk, asset value, plex and SP
The location data is also a little confusing. But I can get by with final location.

Would be great if from the asset I can see if it is a ship , module, clothing etc to an easy pivot.

You can utilize the group_id field on the .type section to categorize them a bit,

i.e. A1.type.group_id

.GROUP(id) will return the nameof the group
.CATEGORY(id, TRUE).groups can tell you what groups belong to a category, and just .CATEGORY(id) for the name of it

edit: mistyped group_id as category_id in my sample.

For the future I’d love to make the search_string_or_type_id on ASSETS also accept something like “group:341” or “category:6” to help with filtering by group_id and category_id

Seems to complicated for me :frowning:

I have found using journal I can get the rows with all the characters and their balances, it shows a lot of the journal info. From that I can get the balance after each transaction. Need to now on a new sheets figure out how to get a list of each character and their balance by the latest transaction. That should give me the balance of ech character. Any ideas on which excel formula to use ?
Still need to find out how to get plex info.

I suspect this add in is not for excel noobs who are after some simple bits of information
Thanks, for the help

EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_WALLET_BALANCE(character_id) will return the balance of the character supplied to the function.

This function relies a bit on knowledge of the API itself or familiarity with GESI output data.
We’ll try to create more focused sample sheets for some scenarios to better showcase how certain things can be done. Market things are probably going to be the focus to begin with.

Thanks, where would I be able to get all these more specific API info from ? Its not in the web site you linked.

This is the swagger site, it’s easy to try out the public calls but to try characters assets for example you have to sign a character in, select the scope, and enter the character_id into the “Try it out now” sections, and it’ll only fetch 1 page per request.

Need some help making this work

I have added all my characters. In a new sheet I click the character list that in column a will populate the list of character. I then click the insert data context mneu, not sure what you call that little pop up. It then populates column B with the ID. If I paste this in column C (EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_WALLET_BALANCE(character_id). I want to be able to populate the character id from column C in the call where it has character id, how do I do that ? I tried putting EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_WALLET_BALANCE(=B2) but it didn’t work. Even if I just use just B2
Any help appreciated.

If I replace character id with a valid ID it doesn’t come back with data.

Does this sample help?

(Note when I tested this in excel web I got once an error about CORS that later went away which makes no sense, must be something excel web specific)
Linked Cell Sample, Data Validation.xlsx

Usually for things requiring character_id the parameter variables are named character_id_or_entity that support using the direct cell as well, saves you having to do .id (the direct cell would be the character entity from either a signed in cell with .CHARACTER(id) or from the .ACTIVE_CHARACTER() list)


Exact same cell velues you use and nothing.