Eve x Excel Add-in Version 1.7.3 Patch notes

1.7.3 patch notes

Asset search

  • Now supports filtering by group_id and multiple type_ids

  • “group_id: X, Y, Z” into the [type_name_or_type_id] paramter of corporation and character assets function will now prefilter the asset list based on the type_ids from the groups and or just the typed up type_id list. Plain array support for type_ids is planned later on, requires more function changes so this simple version will do for now.

  • Negative searching, you can now filter out certain items based on strings in the names. “!100mm” inside the [type_name_or_type_id] parameter will now exclude items containing the string (excluding the !) inside the string entered.

    • Note this will break Exact string searching for the following uncommon items: “Colonize! Board Game, My God, It’s Full Of Holes!, Starsi Blast! Classic, Starsi Blast! Orange, Ultra! Promotional Holoreel”, they are still searchable via their type_id

Other things:

  • Exposed the “is_singleton” flag on assets
  • Fixed searching via referencing cells such as entity type cards, or type.id cells into the type_name_or_type_id parameter