Eve x Excel Add-in Version 1.6.0 Patch notes

The 1.6 patch is going out as we speak to production.

New function:


  • Requires a director role in your corporation of the character_id supplies.
  • Returns all members of corporation, their location_id, ship_type_id, last login/logoff and registration date.
  • Includes an image and name of the character and if the location_id is a station it will be resolved as an additional .location card.

Note: Requires a new sign in for the proper scopes to be added to the token, it should show the new scope being added on a new sign in if you had previously signed in with the character.


  • Concurrent blueprint_explosions no longer bleed into each other results.
  • Character/corporation_blueprints now always return a location_id, location is returned if cached assets are available (most applicable to corporation_blueprints)
  • Fixed function reference site link in sidebar.
  • If a character fails to refresh its token, due to invalidation or such, the character name will be returned in the error message.
  • ACTIVE_CHARACTER() now fetches character cards with character location and character ship data fields.