Mysterious LocationID

Hey All ESI question

So when pulling assets a character has, you get the following:
[ {
“type_id”: 10246,
“location_id”: 1023318669768,
“location_type”: “other”,
“item_id”: 1024500659790,
“location_flag”: “Hangar”,
“is_singleton”: false,
“quantity”: 5,
“type_name”: “Mining Drone I”
“type_id”: 41649,
“location_id”: 9001385739000254000,
“location_type”: “other”,
“item_id”: 1026140437377,
“location_flag”: “AutoFit”,
“is_singleton”: false,
“quantity”: 1,
“type_name”: “Small Ancillary Remote Shield Booster Blueprint”

Awesome cool stuff, looking at other posts with people asking about locationIDs you have Stations which are coded at the 60000000 range, so you can look up a station that way, and structures are in 1000000000000 range.

But here is where the issue starts, what the hell is 9000000000000000000 ??? The above JSON has that locationID and it kills the universe/structures/9001385739000254000/ end point. If you don’t believe me try it yourself.

PS: CCPlz give me a universe/location/names endpoint

Probably a container that that item is in. Check to see if another object has an item_id of 9001385739000254000

Nope, there isn’t… Still lost about this one.

Hmm, where is the item actually located?

that location_id is a so called fake item

A fake item?

Yeah and I can’t find it in my ingame asset list…

So should I just ignore any items without a proper location_id matching a station or citadel? Strange that CCP is feeding us these items then.

well you cant access these items so id petition them bc they are still yours

Possible it is in asset safety?

You should create an ESI issue for it:
You’re not the only one getting the strange locationIDs, some of the jEveAssets users are getting them as well. I’m not able reproduce it myself, so, I don’t have the data to create an issue for it.

What to include in the bug report:

  • The character name or id you’re getting this on
  • The strange locationID
  • The endpoint name

I have create a ESI issue for this:

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