Unable to resolve location id

(Quinn Levoy) #1

I’m developing a 3rd party app using ESI interface. I managed to read orders from each regions but when I try to resolve the location id there’re many of them I can’t resolve.

First I search in eve db (Mapdenormalized table), if I can’t find it there I make a call at


but this one sometimes fail with a not found error or “Unhandled internal error encountered!”

For example: this is a location_id of a buy_order: 468999939

I tried to resolve it a station, solar system, structure but neither of them work… can someone help me?


(Blacksmoke16) #2

Based on that order, where should it be? Assuming you can go in game and see that order.

Possibly the structure access got changed? or taken down/offline etc?

Based on the ID it looks like it should be a structure. I did a lookup on it but got a forbidden error so it must not be public.

(Quinn Levoy) #3

hmm…searching EVE Central for same price and amount I guessed some of those “un-resolved” locations. I wonder how EVE Central can resolve them…

As for now I can only discard them;(

(Golden Gnu) #4

There is a 3rd party API for citadels too:
It may be able to resolve some of the now private citadels, if they have been public earlier or have been added manually.

(Quinn Levoy) #5

there’re hundreads of such locations that can’t be resolved. Can someone explain me how does “private” thing work?

I mean, if I’ve a citadel, it makes sense to have it’s features private (non public) but then why ESI let me download its orders and not resolve its location id??? Shouldn’t orders be private as well???

No third party tool seems to work and having orders for location without a name it’s really confusing

(Golden Gnu) #6

The /universe/structures/{structure_id}/ endpoint will resolve the name and location, if you have docking access, otherwise not.

That is to avoid intel leaks via the ESI.
They’re considering returning the name, but, not the location (solar system), in the future.
But, it’s not up to the ESI team, It’s game design that will decide if that is okay or not.

It’s frustrating to have no name to put on some locations, but, that is how it works.
In jEveAssets I use [Unknown Location #‘locationID’], when I can’t resolve the locationID