'Want new facility search engine for factories'

It is really time consuming looking for citadels with particular rig slot material reduction modifications in the industry window. You basically need to look at every cit out there to find that one that might have a material reduction rig modification. I would like to have a search engine where I can select Interceptor and only citadels with this modification will show.

Should be some pretty simple code to make in game with just a small window modification to incorporate so this should be something easy to make and release with upcoming patches.


1- anchor your own
2- join an alliance with facilities you seek
3- how can all of that searching really yield meaningful results

I would love this as well.

I recently started playing Eve again after countless month of hiatus. I have a decent (8/10) Capital Maintenance Bay BPO that I would like to build, but it is very hard for me to find a station that has t2 capital component rigs and a decent cost index at all, I don’t even know where to start looking.

I really don’t want to join the blue Donut, just not my playstyle, so for now I am stuck to HS…

Join a LS group?

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