Finding Citadel Bonus/Percentage information for builds/reactions

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There is something I need in particular, which is the bonus/percentage modifiers for citadels I have access to install jobs in to? I can’t seem to find this

The idea here is to have the blueprint reference these bonuses and give us an exact input requirement for materials, if blueprint_explosion is reliable at this time of writing? Hopefully it is, as it appears to be

Please do let me know if this is possible

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The way blueprint explosion works means it’s only really good for “ballparking” since it doesn’t take into account ME/Rigs etc. It’s like a worst case scenario build.

You’d need to setup the pipeline for each type of thing with .blueprint() and setup the modifiers per step of the build.

For the modifiders, you have to look at the rigs of the citadels ingame, usually it’s listed in the citadels info for ease of access, since you might need to ship scan the citadel otherwise. But if someone knows an easier way to find it out, I hope they correct me here.

The sample sheet has the rig modifiders values in a dropdown under basic construction if you want to find something quick to copy paste/remake for your sheets.

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