New formulas for structure indy building?

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Hi all,

finally making the switch and need to update my calcs for the new sturctures. In the past there were some great sites/pdf files showing the full formulas for invention/building/etc… utilizing the various bonuses.

Does anyone know if that exists for these new structures?


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Ok, so what I see is highsec building has 1% bonus, t1 building rig gives 2.4%, t2 2.88%

Maybe these are the only things affecting ME/building mats?

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It is going to be hard to determine the bonuses of stuff without knowing its fit.

To start you would factor in traits of the building itself. However, figuring out what other bonuses it has is harder to do without knowing the rigs installed. If you DO know the rigs then you could use bonuses on rigs * multiplier for where structure is (HS/LS/0.0).

AFAIK there isn’t a programmatic way to know bonuses of structures without at least manually inputting rigs of each structure.

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Thx Blacksmoke

yea, makes sense.

for an example:
standup manufacture plant
M-set structure manufacturing ME I - bonus = 2%, multipler for HS =1

I see in-game the bonsues are 2% for t1 and 2.4% for t2 - adjusted compared to the #'s i listed above (found on some older blog post)

I’ll have to run some numbers to compare in-game stats to some updated calcs, see how it looks.

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Yes, however do know that rigs only provide that bonus to certain types of items. For example your M-set structure manufacturing ME I rig only gives its bonus when manufacturing structure components, structure modules, Upwell structures, starbase structures and fuel blocks.

All of the M-Set of rigs are real specialized, i.e only affect small subsections of items. As you get to larger rigs they become more generalized.

For example reprocessing rigs:

  • Medium - Each one affects one region of ore (HS/LS/0.0) with ice being seperate
  • Large - Are two types, one for ice and one for ore, affecting all regions.
  • XL - Only one type, affects both ore and ice for all regions

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ok nice, cheers!

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