Material Efficiency production formula

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I’ve been working on a comprehensive google doc for my corp’s blueprint library and my next step is to start implementing ME costs for various blueprints. I have found the following formula:

max(runs,ceil(round((base * ((100-ME)/100) * (EC modifier) * (EC Rig modifier))*runs,2)))

However, the post I found this in is 3 years old. Is there any update to this formula to factor in the security bonus multiplier? I know that there is a distinct material input difference on the same bpo depending on if it’s in HS, LS, NS. So I’m hoping someone may know how to factor that into the formula listed above.


The security bonus multiplier is assigned to the ec rig modifier.

I dont understand how that can work though. If the material cost bonus for a rig (lets say the m-set basic large ship me I) is -2.00 that would go in the EC rig modifier. if it’s in HS it has a security bonus modifier of 1.00 but if it’s in LS it has a security bonus modifier of 1.90. I’m making drop down boxes where people can select the structure, rig, sys sec for the production facility, so allowing for people to mix and match HS, LS with T1 or T2 rigs is my issue.

You get a 1% ME bonus in an engineering complex - does not apply in other structures.

If you have (for example) a M-Set Advanced Component Manufacturing Material Efficiency 1 rig installed it will grant an additional 2% material efficiency bonus in Highsec.

In Lowsec you multiply that by 1.9 = 3.8% rig bonus
In Nullsec/Wormhole you multiply by 2.1 = 4.2% rig bonus

A T2 rig the base rig bonus is 2.4%. The security multipliers are the same so 4.56% for Lowsec and 5.04% for Nullsec plus the structure bonus.

so the security bonus multiplier isn’t applied to the structure bonus, just the rig bonus, is that correct?

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That is my understanding. There is no mention of a security multiplier in the structure info sheet - only the rig info sheets. I’ve only built in Highsec. You can build one on Singularity and test.

You are correct.

It’s only the rig bonus which is affected.

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ok that clarifies things for me. thank you

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