ME and TE formula for excel/G-docs

Anyone has right formula for them? What I found on google seems to be outdated, wrong or not working.

as in, the how to adjust the materials, to apply ME?

max(runs,ceil(round((base * ((100-ME)/100) * (EC modifier) * (EC Rig modifier))*runs,2)))

should do it. Where the EC modifier is 0.99 in an EC. The rig modifier another multiplier in the same kind of way. If you’re in a station, the modifiers would be 1

the round is to eliminate floating point errors. The max is to make sure you don’t have anything taking less than 1 of something per run.


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this isn’t working for me, can you please give a sample bpc input with your formula? there is also a value missing for “round” which needs a stepping as 2nd parameter.

I have tested it with a 13 run t2 bpc and some container bpo with 1000 runs. The results all differed from what the industry window showed as required material input. I am just getting my feet wet with the industry stuff, so the error is probably on my side.

Here an example of my calculation:
runs: 13
base: 6 (i assume base = minimum required of this input material for 1 run?)
ME: 0.97 (3%)
EC modifier: 0.99 (1%) took me a minute to figure out EC = Engineering Complex
EC Rig modifier: 1 (where do i see this as guest? the industry window shows 1% Structure Role Bonus for material consumption, so i guess no rig bonus)
Stepping for Ceiling: 0.1 (not sure about that)

=MAX(13,CEILING(ROUND((6 * ((100-0.97)/100) * (0.99) * (1))*13,2),0.1)) = 76.5 (correct: 75) instead 76.5 it should be rounded up to 77 anyway.

Another example with a 1000 run container, 10% ME, 33 base
=MAX(1000,CEILING(ROUND((33 * ((100-0.9)/100) * (0.99) * (1))*1000,2),0.1)) = 32,376 (correct: 32076)

The round is to 2 decimal places. (it’s really just there to eliminate a floating point error which sometimes crops up and causes it to bump up 1.) which is the 2 in the formula.

Ceiling should be to the next integer. so probably 1 in this case.

The mistake in your formula is that you’re putting in 0.9 instead of 10. it already contains the adjustment to change it to 0.9

Hm ok but a 10 instead 0.99 doesn’t fix it. I will take a look at it tomorrow again, it’s 3am already and i can’t hold my eyes open anymore…

The station or citadel gives you another bonus if you do a higher run job than a one run job.
Let’s say you use your 13 run copy and you do let all 13 runs manufacture at once, the materials will be less than 13 times one run.

I know, isn’t that the point of the formula? Nobody is building with 1 run due to the bonus u get for running more then 1.
You are also wrong regarding “lesser then 13” because you will never drop below 1, otherwise u could build 10 T2 with with 9 T1 ships as input

Ouuh, that’s not what I meant. I mean a 2-run job can have zero benefits compared to a 3 or 4-run job.
I hope you figure this out.

Yeah i know, thx, but that still doesn’t help me out with the formula which should calculate exactly that benefit, or else i misunderstood the whole reason for the formula above.


I’ve just dug into your numbers, in the screen shot.

you’re seeing them already adjusted by the ME. Everything I’ve been talking about is using the base numbers, without ME in effect. contains the input materials for every blueprint.

Zydrine, for example, has a base of 36, for a huge secure container.

Oh i wasn’t sure about what “base” exactly was, researched or not, but my fault wasn’t the base but the different use of ME% (10) and EC% (0.99) in the formula (and being too tired when i tested it). Now the result is correct, thanks a lot for helping out. Spreadsheets are the reason i didn’t get into industry much the last 9 years of playing Eve, but without them it’s almost impossible to get the desired results.

Figuring out how to make use of the theindustryActivityMaterials.csv is another task, but there’s only so much industry i can take for a week… [undocking]