ME & TE research formulas - Help

I am a returning EVE vet after a 2+ year break and looking to get back into a bit of Indy production and building stuff again. I have noticed that due to EVE-Central been offline a while now alot of my excel/google sheets no longer work and that ME & TE have had a rework.

Previously I was working off the formulae here: but this info now appears to be out of date, is there a resource available or can someone tell me that the ME & TE formulas now should be?

I have looked at Fuzzworks and its a good site for running calcs etc on a single basis but I’d prefer to have my own production sheets and work off those :slight_smile:

Any advice or assistance is appreciated.

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BaseMaterial = Material.Amount at ME:0
BaseProductionTime = Base production time (in Seconds)
ROUNDUP = Rounds up to nearest integer; 0.1 rounds up to 1

ME Formula: ROUNDUP(BaseMaterial x (ME.Level / 100))

PTM = Production Time Modifier = (1 - (0.04 * Industry.Skill.Level)) * (1 - Implant.Modifier) x (1 - Structure.Modifier) * (1 - (TE.Level / 100))
TE Formula: ROUNDUP(BaseProductionTime * PTM)

I’m a little unsure if my TE formula is 100% correct but I think so.

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