Hesitation Withheld LS pvp

Now we are members of Stay Feral alliance. Now offering null sec dainties along with glorious pew

Spots are filling up. Still room for you, bump on by for a chat.

Bump for the win

Doing the Rifter Bump

Breacher Bump FTW

E-War the Bump

just a quality bump

hot bump for your love

Such a good, pretty, little BUMP

Join “BRWBT Recruitment”
:relaxed: Ships For New Bros
:relaxed: Tight Community
:relaxed: Drama and Hassel Free
:relaxed: RL > EVE
:relaxed: Small Gang Roams
:relaxed: Medium Gang Roams
:relaxed: High Praise for Solo Kills
:relaxed: Alliance Perks: Indy, Moons, Ratting
:relaxed: Training and Mentoring for PVP
:relaxed: Discord for Comms and Memes

Looking for that BUMP

Lovely pvp bumps

2 webs and a Bump

Welcome to the BUMP

Playing bump and seek

Wave for a Howdy Bump

The BUMP has me pointed

Jump the bump without falling off the bump

Best speed to bump

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