100 + mil sp player - looking for LS group

i am looking for a lowsec group to join.

Come join us at The Order of Omerta. We are a fw and small gang pvp focused Corp and fight for calmil. Our small alliance is one of the top 4 calmil content providers and we’re looking to add quality pilots to our relaxed community.
We are an older crowd so very little drama and a very welcoming environment.

Come see us and see if we’re a fit The Order of Omerta

Hanging by a threat Now recruiting

Hey Saikamon,

I recently returned to Eve and found an absolutely brilliant Corp, apart of the Imperium. We are based in Null but have easy access to LS (Few jumps). We have access to pretty much anything, run small and large fleets daily.

Honestly a great group of players online daily, usually chatting in Voice and having a laugh. Jump in Discord and have a chat!

Hey bro. We’re a new corp but steadily growing. Currently entering into lowsec for PVP and industry. We mix intonpve for isk as well. Honestly we’re into a good bit not everything and as we grow we can do more as a group. We’re a corp that is focused on its members and becoming a solid group of friends accomplishing fun stuff in EVE. Join our discord and have a chat with us if you’d like to hear more and see what you think.

If you want to avoid being an F1 grunt and enjoy the teamwork and camraderie of small gang pvp, you might consider Sheriff.

Our advert;

Check us out. We killed the most in FW in 2023. Lots of content.