Hi from Thorium Research and Bifrost Enclave

Hi I am Wyndii Chelien and I am the Corp Recruiter for Thorium Research (Industry, Mining and Hauling side) and Bifrost Enclave (PVE and PVP side). We are also part of the Space Potatoes Alliance (Industry, mining and hauling) and Lord of the Worlds Alliance (Lorde) (PVE and PVP side).

We are looking for more players New or Returning to join our corp and alliance. We do a variety of things in the game from Industry, mining, moon mining, worm hole mining, Pochven mining, combat sites, escalations, Abyssals, Data and Relic sites, missions, PVE and PVP and more.

Our corp and alliance are very chilled and we understand if you cannot always come online due to RL thats fine. Our motto is to have fun, meet new friends, play together and make isk.

We have people in the UK, Europe and US time zones.

At present we are based in High Sec and our Industry and mining side is based in Deninard system which has a Ice belt and ore belts, our PVP side is based in Orvolle and is only 6 jumps from Deninard. In Orvolle it is close to Low Sec and Null Sec systems for PVP players to roam and kill or do Faction Warfare.

Eventually our goal is to recruit as many players as possible, big enough to go back to Null Sec where all the best ores, ice, industry, combat sites, PVE and PVP and more will take place and our goal is for everyone to make a lot of isk.

If you are alone and want some fun why not join us and meet some new friends and join a great corp and alliance.

I am an Industry and miner normally, but I also do PVE, Abyssals and PVP occasionally too. I am mostly online so I can train new recruits into things they never done before or if I cannot there are others in my corp or alliance who will.

So if you have any questions or are interested in joining then don’t hesitate to contact me.

Wyndii Chelien

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