Thorium Research Alliance and Bifrost Enclave

Hi both our corps Thorium Research Alliance (Indy and mining) side and Bifrost Enclave (PVP) side, is a small, friendly and highly ambitious industrial corporation that focusses on mning and industry, we also do PVE and PVP. We are also part of The Lord of the Worlds Alliance / Space Potatoes Alliance and part of the Tel Migiddo Coalition.

We are looking for all players, both new and old players to join our growing corporation. We are looking for both Indy / miners and PVP players.

Real life always comes first, we are a pretty chilled and casual corp looking for like minded members who want to get involved in a community when the time allows.

We operate predominately in Hi Sec, Low Sec and Null Sec.
We have people in the UK, Europe and US time zones.

We can train new players who are completely new and have no experience or returning players who have not played in a while, in Indy / Mining, PVE and PVP.

If you are interested please get in touch.

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