[FR05T] BiFrost Enclave looking for players

We currently seek players interested in the following categories:

PvP pilots
Fleet Commander(s)

Players are encouraged to participate in all functions of the corp.

For PvP, we seek pilot for small gang, alliance/coallition fleets, and assisting in the protection of corp operations. Any FC coming onboard will also have the opportunity to advance through the alliance FC program. As well, FCs will assist with defining corp level fits and skill training for pilots desiring to learn PvP.

For miners and industrialists: we are a null sec corp with access to systems in Vale of the Silent and Perrigen Falls.

BiFrost Enclave believes in a no drama atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the game as they like to play. Pilots need a headset and willing to use Mumble.

You may contact me, Phoenix Bleu, in-game or on Discord.

We’re still looking for pilots and growing…

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