Nullsec Corp looking for PvP Players

BiFrost Enclave is reforming it’s ranks, we are looking for PvP players to join us in Nullsec.
About us:
We are a laid back group of players who enjoy blowing up other peoples stuff. We are an older crowd so there is no drama. We are all working folk, who enjoy playing Eve and enjoy hanging out with friends.

We are looking for New Players as well as Experienced Guru’s to bring an awesome fighting team together. I am also looking for an FC and, a person who is willing to train and get this new fighting force up to speed. If you are interested in joining reply here or online :
BiFrost Enclave.

See you in Space.
-Seventh Sung

hi there m8

i see you already are in an alliance.

if you ever want to get indepedent let us know.


Thanks for the info Prim 0/

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