Hideaway Hunters — A corp for casual, mature players

Apologies for the delay, but yes, we’re always looking for new members!

I played a few years ago but never found the right corp. I am still a scub noob and have crap all over the galaxy. I would love to see if this old fart fits in with you all. Thanks.

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Looks like a great corp I have put in an application and joined your discord, doesnt seem to be many people around right now. Could someone look into my app.

I was going to join. I dodged the woke bullet on that one!


It’s been about 10 days since I joined Hideaway Hunters and I would like to share some of my thoughts and opinion about the corporation, I’m a player that is very new to Eve Online.

One of the main reason I joined is because of the Isk tax rate of only 5% compared to the NPC corporation’s 11%. Don’t underestimate the 6% difference because it’s huge. In a PvE activity for example, if you successfully destroyed a Pirate Stronghold with a group and got a reward payout of 30 million Isk, 11% of it will be deducted and that is 3.3 million Isk gone. Choose the lesser evil of 5% lol.

As for the activities I experienced, I get to mine moon ores daily with the benefit of various boosts and compression. If you are a lazy person like me, you can then sell your raw materials to the corp at 90% of the market price. This saves you from the trouble of hauling it to the trade hub and risk getting attacked by pirates.
When I’m itching for some PvP, I would join the Faction Warfare for a bit of fun. I like that I can enlist and retire from the war whenever I want so I won’t have to worry about getting attacked by enemy faction NPCs whenever I need to go through their territory.
I’m sure there are various other things but I don’t want to write too much.

If you are looking to just have fun casually without any requirements, this is a good place to start.
There is no nonsense in this community, only grown people enjoying games.



I’m new to this game, third time trying it, and I feel like a Corpo could help me stick to it and give a sense to the game after the usual agent mission.

The corpo’s description matches my need but I was wondering on which UTC time most of your player base is living ?

Thank you

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What’s up with this?


Well this is amusing. Free publicity for my Patreon though, I guess. Thanks!

In no way is it required to support me on Patreon to join the corp. There is no implication that’s the case in any advertising, bulletins, or anywhere else (that I can recall; feel free to correct me). Literally the only place it’s linked - besides that reddit post now, of course - is in my Discord profile, which you have to click into.
Supporting me on Patreon gives very little practical benefit - really the only one I may argue is the standings adjustment mailing list, which doesn’t even exist anymore - and mostly exists as a way to express appreciation for the work I do.

But again, thanks for the free advertising, and the laugh

Hey mate - we have people active at most times, but we’re the most active during US timezone hours

Looks like a revenge post of sort. Lots of hate comments probably from alts.

A lot of disinformation that doesn’t stand simple fact-checking.


  • patreon membership seems to be completely optional; basic corp services are accessible to everyone for free; so no money is required to join; several comments falsely refer to a mandatory fee to just join the corp
  • 2€/m to access private channels on discord; I have no idea how useful that would be but hey, again entirely optional; one comment suggests there’s a 27€/m membership fee to join the corp

There are more patreon profiles (more expensive) but they seem more targeted at officer/director roles. Eg. why would a line member care to have “Access to internal tools used to run the EVE corp”?

Quite frankly not only in Eve but in any other game, older guild/clan/corp members who have some “power” and help running the organization very often are those who contribute to paying for external services with their own real money.

I see nothing different here, it’s just done via Patreon.


Hey, thanks for the post! I agree, some of the perks aren’t that great - I was really just trying to come up with things :slight_smile:

Two-year+ member of the Corp here, just to chime in: there has never been any pressure to join the Patreon (Full disclosure, I have joined the Patreon) and frankly it hardly even gets mentioned and has never once been advertised as compulsory to my knowledge.

There is literally nothing gated behind Patreon with regards to EVE Corp membership; roles, access, in game channels, fleets and whatnot aside from a token perk to name a station as gratitude.

The Hideaway (The Discord Community) is a general gaming/general interest Discord community which while having a heavy EVE presence, is not limited to nor exclusively EVE related, many of us don’t even play EVE, a good deal of players who have won EVE also stuck around for the community itself.

I honestly had no issue putting support behind the community, and have never received any preferential treatment for doing so. It’s a community I enjoy engaging with, one which I have come to know several great people through and one that I feel very genuinely attached to. My decision to support the Patreon was exclusive to these reasons alone.



July 2024; We’re still recruiting!

Join us on our Discord!

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